I think they think I'm a bit odd, you know...

Some people call me 'Loony' Lovegood, actually.

Luna Lovegood
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"Have you…" he began. "I mean, who … has anyone you known ever died?"
"Yes," said Luna simply, "my mother. She was a quite extraordinary witch, you know, but she did like to experiment and one of her spells went rather badly wrong one day. I was nine."
"I’m sorry," Harry mumbled.
"Yes, it was rather horrible," said Luna conversationally. "I still feel very sad about it sometimes. But I’ve still got Dad. And anyway, it’s not as though I’ll never see Mum again, is it?"
"Er – isn’t it?" said Harry uncertainly.
She shook her head in disbelief. "Oh, come on. You heard them, just behind the veil, didn’t you?"
" You mean…"
"In that room in the archway. They were just lurking out of sight, that’s all, you heard them."