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Luna Lovegood
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Posted against LJ's occaisional urges toward destruction:

“Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Good-by is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties past to the future.” - Steinbeck

I know someone who wants to read every book in the world.

I think that's a noble aspiration. I mean, to want to know everything, that sounds brilliant, but ..in reality, I suspect it's not all that brilliant really.

You could read every book that's ever been written in the world..but..what about the unwritten ones, then?

It's like this. We have spells and charms, and we think we know how they work, because they work in a particular way and you can do them over and over and they almost always react the same way when you do them. Fair enough, right? It's a pretty good method for determining what is true and what isn't. Except..

Wait. I've got a horrible headache, but I can't stop thinking this thing until it's thinked itself out and there's nothing I can do. Some ideas are well bossy, aren't they?

Professor Flitwick talks about the vibrations of certain sounds. I've read about that, about how "Om" has a sound vibration of seven megahertz which according to certain beliefs is identical to the sound vibration of the original Word that created the universe.

But there's a magical maxim that says 'as above, so below'. So that would mean that not only do spoken words have vibrations, but that words that haven't been spoken yet have vibrations too, and if you discover those vibrations, you'd find the words, wouldn't you? If charms are assemblies of vibrations coupled with the intent of the wielder, recorded and transmitted, then surely there are charms out there undiscovered that you should be able to discover if you understand and can reproduce the vibrations. If you understand and are familiar with a range of vibrations of charms you already know, couldn't you use them, like a Rosetta Stone, to unlock the vibrations of the charms you don't know?

That means too, that if there are existing assemblies of books, words and meanings *stored*..then there are assemblies of books existing that haven't had their energies stored yet. So that my friend, Professor Snow..he might read and understand every book already written, but he'll never get to read and understand the ones that haven't been written yet. Which is quite sad when you think about it, because what if he's the one person who could find and unlock a hidden library of Alexandria?

Ideas are quite rude, I think. Waking you out of a perfectly respectable dream about a Knight Bus made of cheese, and then deserting you once you've finished articulating them. Now I can't get back to sleep. I call that most inconsiderate.

Of this entirely auspicious event (It's Saturday) I now proclaim this day to be:

Be Nice To Professor Sprout Day.

And in the interests of promoting this day, I am collecting volunteers to carry on necessary chores while Professor Sprout does Important Things elsewhere. One hopes they involve putting up of feet and custard creams.

I have a lovely box of pet..petit..cakes. From France. With icing roses. For rewards for the volunteers.

Why are all the strawberry pips on the outside?

The baby's a bit better. Mabel says that it was a near thing, and we were lucky I was able to come, as Craine's Quotidian Fever takes such an awful lot of nursing. Daddy looks just awful frankly. He needs to shave more often, and long hair really does *not* suit him. Well, not nearly as much as he thinks it does.

I wish that we were home. I am starting to really dislike France. For one thing, nobody seems to care a thing about whether or not the dibsquibs get into the wine, and make it sour. And for another, the tea tastes funny. I know everyone's doing the best they can, but I just wish I were home.

I miss Remus. I know he doesn't remember me or anything, but I feel badly for having to leave so quickly, without a word to anyone. It's just that Mabel's owl sounded so *urgent*. And the time to think was handy. It would've been, that is. If there'd been any.

I miss home.

I have to go, the baby's crying. It's time for his bath.

It's really hard to drink yoghurt fast, isn't it? You run out of breath and have to stop but the yoghurt has built up momentum like a glacier and it's sliding toward you so you keep gulping and hope that none of it runs into your ear.

I never knew breakfast could be so *perilous*.

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Well, no, not teachers per se. That's quite discriminatory, really. I mean, Potions Teachers. The ones who give you Nehushtans to look after and THEN ..

He came to take the rest of the venom. He looked very tired. I think he was very tired really. Though he looked very nice, in his robes. I think they were special ones, ritual robes or something. Do Potions Masters have fraternal orders or anything? Secret handshakes? Meetings in far away places where they can drink lots of fancy drinks and talk shop?

He did ask me if I wanted him to take Reg and Sharon. I thought about saying no--I mean, I could take them to Haifa, and then go to see the ruins. I like ruins. You should visit ruins while you're young, and can't take them too seriously. But then I started thinking about Her. He needs more company than just her. Better company. And say what you like about Reg and Sharon, they're very good company. So I said "Please do take them as long as you don't kill them. Because they're very nice and well behaved. Even if you have to use gloves."

He was too tired to be nasty. I will have to go and ask Madame Pomfrey to take a good look at him. Maybe he's sickening for something.

I think that someone's cut into our journals and Says the girl with the bugs in her haiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr it might be safer If you toddle off back to the Moon where you belong if we all started to To two too, call in the owls, I've got a letter for you you you lock our journals maybe? What's the matter little girl, can't make up your mind? Oh, yes, you'd have to have one to make it up I think You don't! that we need A good kicking to be careful.

What I would like to know is..
We apparate at or as close to the conjunction of two ley lines as we possibly can get.

Why can't we just travel along them?

Or right through them? I mean, they're lines of force yes, but they're still *lines*, right? So presumeably you could use the power of the leyline to alter leylines. Make them connect in new ways. And if they're pure magic, pure power, why can't we use them like divining rods to find greater roads? Purer force? Maybe even other worlds?

Unless they have some sort of memory, a way to resist change. Or wills of their own.

Just wondering.

I wonder what happens if you mix kirschwasser and hot chocolate? It might be good or it might be nasty, like a cough sweet.

Will the person who took my second-best pair of stockings please give them back thank you very much? They don't fit you I'm almost certain of it Mrs. Lestrange so there's no point in keeping them.

There is a very large rat in a place no rat needs to be. I don't want to kill it, it can't help being ratty, but if it stays where it is, it will probably die in a nasty way. Does anyone know any humane ratcatching tips?

What happens to all the potion vapors once a potion's evaporated? Do they condense in the clouds? Even the sky isn't infinite.

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